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Flight Status (23rd Sep, 2020)

From Flight Schedule Status
(DEL) KB203 6:30 AM Canceled
(KTM) KB4001 10:40 AM Canceled
KB211 12:00 PM Delayed
(BUT) KB011 12:45 PM Canceled
(DEL) KB201 12:55 PM Canceled
(BKK) KB151 3:25 PM Canceled
(DAC) KB301 4:55 PM Canceled
To Flight Schedule Status
(KTM) KB4000 7:00 AM Canceled
(DEL) KB200 7:15 AM Canceled
(BKK) KB150 8:00 AM Canceled
KB210 8:00 AM Delayed
(BKK) via (BKK) KB610 9:30 AM Canceled
(BUT) KB010 11:15 AM Canceled
(GAU) via (GAU) KB540 11:20 AM Canceled
(DAC) KB300 1:15 PM Canceled
(BKK) KB152 1:55 PM Canceled
(GAU) via (GAU) KB600 5:00 PM Canceled

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