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Lost & Found:

Inevitably, some of the travellers flying to and from Paro Airport, forget or lose something while they’re here. We do our very best to make sure that any lost items are returned to their rightful owners. Found items should be reported or handed over at the PBH Arrival's office.

The office is located in the first floor of Departure Building. If you lost something on board an aircraft while travelling, please scroll down for more information.

  • Date, area and approximate time when the item was misplaced;
  • Description of item;
  • Contents, serial number, model, brand/manufacturer’s name etc.;
  • Colour and any other special features

Items Lost On board Aircraft:

Unlike items lost at the airport, objects found aboard aircraft do not end up at the PBH Arrival Office. Responsibility for these items falls to the respective airlines. Of course, these lost possessions can still be recovered, but you will have to contact your respective airline.

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